About Mario

I was born in La Ceiba, Honduras,

where some of my fondest memories are of my mother in the kitchen calling us children to dinner. So much of our family life revolved around the meals we shared. I’ve tried to duplicate that comfortable, familiar atmosphere at Cubano’s.


While studying economics (which is helpful when running a restaurant!) at the National University of Honduras, I waited tables at the Gran Hotel Paris in La Ceiba, where I eventually worked my way up to manager. I brought my 22 years of hospitality experience to the U.S. in 1994 and opened my first restaurant in South Florida in 2000. Word of mouth turned our tiny bistro on a side street off Oakland Park Boulevard into a thriving restaurant. We moved to our present location off Federal Highway in 2004.

My passion for bringing people and fine food together supersedes everything. I am happiest when my customers introduce their friends to Cubano’s. There is no higher compliment!


I invite you to experience Cubano’s by Mario. Where the décor, service and savory dishes of old-world Cuba and Spain transport you back to a refined, elegant era.